5 Super Foods For Kids

We’re in a constant quest to help our students to build better self-esteem and confidence on and off of the Karate floor.  One of the most vital parts to good confidence is simply feeling good!  So, here are 5 POWER foods that dieticians agree will help your child feel great:

(1) Calcium: Helps build strong teeth and bones. Great sources include: Cheese, yogurt, milk, juice and soy milk. Believe it or not, about 1/3 of all kids ages 4 to 8 years old aren‘t getting enough calcium.

(2) Vitamin E:  An anti-oxidant that helps cells repair damage. A whopping 80% of kids under the age of 8 are missing this vital nutrient! Good sources include: Avocado, nuts, wheat germ, and spinach.

 (3) Fiber: It’s not even digested, but it keep kids regular and helps prevent disease later in life. The best sources include: beans, lentils, fruit (raspberries, blackberries, and apples), popcorn, green peas, and oatmeal.
(4)   Potassium:  Potassium play an important role in maintaining healthy fluid balance, blood pressure, and helps muscular contraction.  Great sources include:  Bananas, oranges, yogurt, milk, dried apricots, and tomatoes.

(5)  Iron:   Iron helps build red blood cells carry oxygen to  cells  throughout  the body and plays an important role in brain development.  Good sources include:  Chicken, beef, shrimp, raisins, soy nuts, and lentils. 

Remember, if you eat good, you feel good!