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A Martial Arts Program Ideal for Students Ages 4–6

Martial Arts & Karate for Kids Little Ninjas

This is a detailed martial arts curriculum that focuses on improving younger children’s basic motor skills. The curriculum contains eight major skills that are necessary for participation in other activities and sports. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when they earn a “karate power stripe” most weeks after learning the following skills.


Increase your child’s behavior and listening skills, which will help them excel in other physical and academic activities.


With fun and helpful teamwork-centric karate games, your child will learn to share and work well with others. These games can help kids feel more comfortable around those their own age, and it teaches them some of the skills involved in making new friends.


Your child will take pride in controlling their actions, emotions and being responsible for their own behavior.


Little Ninja martial arts classes help improve balance, which plays a vital role for any developing child.


“Mental exercise” for your child’s brain, karate helps develop strong bodies AND strong minds.


Your child will learn skills that help them be more respectful to others, as well as help improve listening at home and school.


Our kids’ program builds lifelong fitness. Our high-energy karate classes teach that fitness and health can be fun, as well as healthy, with engaging fitness games!


The martial arts promote improved coordination, which means fewer injuries, more self-confidence and a willingness to try new activities —less “I can’t” and more “I can!”

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