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A Karate Program Ideal for Students Ages 7 & Up

Karate School for Kids in Stoughton & Madison WI

Many parents start their children in martial arts because it can help with FOCUS at home and school, build CONFIDENCE when trying new activities, and increase RESPECT for parents, teachers and all authority figures. Of course, karate also has great physical benefits like coordination, balance, strength and stamina. And let’s not forget SELF DEFENSE!  Earning a black belt at Kicks Unlimited karate school is one of the most rewarding journeys your child will ever take!


This is emphasized in every karate class. Students are taught the importance of following directions at home and at school.


Our karate program for kids is designed to help your child become more motivated and self-reliant. This skill will teach them to take responsibility for themselves, and do what is needed of them without being told.


At our martial arts school, instructors help students learn how to speak up and stand up for themselves, making them more confident and less susceptible to emotional attacks from bullies.


A highly valued skill, focus is instilled during each karate class. Your child will have an easier time focusing at school and at home, which will greatly improve their behavior and listening skills.


Every parent wants to keep their children safe. The self-defense component of our karate classes will help your child do so, even when you’re not with them. Rather than teach our students to solve problems with violence, we teach them how to avoid dangerous situations and understand situation awareness. Through martial arts training, they will learn to respond accordingly in different scenarios ranging from bullies, to real bad guys.