There are so many activities to choose from these days for improved fitness or just plain fun … soccer, basketball, gymnastics … or if you’re an adult, going to the gym, too. With the martial arts, you or your child receive all of the physical benefits these other activities offer — exercise, improved physical strength, agility, coordination and flexibility — but with additional benefits.

Martial arts also provide the karate student with self-discipline, focus, concentration, confidence and self-esteem!  If you’re serious about changing your life or the life of your child, we invite you to take the first step in developing your mental sharpness, physical strength, and emotional well being by signing up for a free karate lesson with no strings attached!

What You Can Expect from Our Karate School

Karate & Martial Arts Madison & Stoughton WI Philosophy

Martial arts classes are taught in a focused, yet fun and rewarding environment — one that is highly conducive to learning, growing and attaining goals. More important than any kick, punch or block will be the energy you learn (energy = attitude), which can have a positive effect on every aspect of your child’s life, or your own.

Finally, only the most qualified teachers staff our karate schools. Not only do you learn in a fun and challenging environment, but you gain the advantage of studying the martial arts under professional instructors that are experts at helping you and your children attain their goals. Kicks Unlimited is the largest martial arts school in southern Wisconsin with over 500 families currently enrolled at our schools. We hope you give us the chance to show you the true benefit of martial arts education — self-esteem, self-discipline and increased confidence!

You’re welcome to stop by our Fitchburg or Stoughton karate school anytime to get to know us better.

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Jason Huett
Former Power Ranger Stuntman
4th Degree Black Belt
Kicks Unlimited, LLC