“I highly recommend karate at Kicks Unlimited Fitchburg. I can’t emphasize enough how the journey toward black belt, and now the journey beyond, has complemented my son’s overall maturation in life physically, mentally and emotionally. Karate training at Kicks has propagated characteristics that every parent would want for their child — focus, discipline, respect, self confidence, self esteem and physical skills. At the karate classes, short talks are given by the instructors to the students on a variety of important attributes on living a good, proper, successful life. The attitudes acquired in karate sessions do carry over into the home and the academic class room. My son has developed a characteristic of always being the first to shoot his hand up when a question is asked by a teacher. We are fortunate to be part of the Kicks community. I highly recommend Kicks Unlimited karate school in Fitchburg.”
Dr. John Jerisha (Dad), Madison, WI

“If you’ve always wanted to try karate but were a little intimidated … don’t hesitate to try Kicks Unlimited. It’s the most welcoming school I’ve been associated with. The instructors will show you the utmost respect and get you to places you never thought you’d see. Each instructor brings something a little different to class. Their skills and knowledge are phenomenal. What’s great about the Kicks curriculum is that it blends traditional martial arts with movements and techniques that are practical to the street. You will start to learn self defense from day-one. Also, the karate classes are just plain fun. Whether your goal is a black belt or superior fitness … you’ll find no better martial arts instruction, period.”
— Rob Starbuck, Anchor-Reporter, WISC-TV

“Ben has more self-confidence, better focus and a sense of GREAT achievement from reaching goals at Kicks Unlimited!”
Heidi Lucarelli (Mom), Fitchburg, WI

 “Joel has improved many aspects of his life by studying the martial arts. Goal setting, discipline, structure, practice and hard work are all excellent skill sets to carry on in life. We have enjoyed watching Joel’s progress and appreciate the excellent instruction.”
— Mary Kay Zimbrick (Mom), Fitchburg, WI

“Patrick’s confidence continues to improve, as does his focus. He’s a different kid than he was when he started karate a year ago — happier, more confident and more focused!”
— Debbie Gray (Mom), Madison, WI

“My son is a student at Kicks Unlimited karate school. I have been very impressed with the school, the owner (Mr. Huett) and all of the teachers. Classes are fantastic — fun, educational and a blast to watch. Customer service and dedication of the staff is excellent. Plus, Mr. Huett used to be a Power Ranger, and his skills are amazing. Although I’m very picky and hard to please, I highly recommend Kicks Unlimited!”
 Joey Guido (Dad), Fitchburg, WI

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