We’re moving!

We’re moving!

That’s right, Kicks Unlimited Fitchburg will have a new home this Fall.

I am really excited about this move for a number of reasons.  Here are a couple of the
main details regarding this move:

  • New location:  6111 Cottonwood Drive (Right up the street from Star Cinema)
  • Timeframe:  October or November 2013

It’s been 11 years since I opened the first Kicks Unlimited and this will be the first
commercial building that I own.  Even the little things like having the freedom to fix
the A/C when it goes out (because it always does) without having to call the landlord
holds great benefit for our students.

I didn’t have a chance to talk in great detail about the layout of this school so I want
to discuss the features a bit.  Here are the ‘biggies:’

  • A 2,700 square foot main training floor!  In 2010, KU Fitchburg created 2 main
    training floors as an experiment.  As much as I liked the extra space, I really felt as if
    KU Fitchburg was 2 separate schools.  We had different classes going on in each side and
    sometimes the instructors would only see each other before and after class.  The new school
    will improve our community by keeping most of the action on one main floor.  Worried
    about the noise?  We’re designing a system that will lower barriers during class in
    order to allow us to split classes as well.  The best of both worlds!
  • A learning center for families teaching aspects of the martial arts found in
    Okinawa, Japan.  This has been my dream ever since going to Japan in 2009.  The
    culture is so respectful, the people kind, and the martial arts unlike anything
    you can imagine. I want to bring part of Japan to Fitchburg!
  • Better seating for spectators.  We receive feedback every month on test
    feedback forms that there’s just not enough seating.  We’ll make improvements
    in terms of foot traffic flow as well as sound by providing near-floor seating
    and behind-glass seating.
  • A beautiful outdoor environment including parent seating, a small pond,
    and plenty of walking trails.

Be sure to join us on Facebook to keep up with all of the exciting changes occurring
over the next couple of months!

Thank you all parents and students as this move is only possible because of you!


Mr. Huett