3 Ways the Martial Arts will Improve Your Life

There are a million-and-one ways that the martial arts can improve your life.  I thought I would share just a few of these, many of which are focused just as much on adults as they are on kids.  Here are 3:

(1) Martial arts instills SELF-DISCIPLINE! 1 example: Kids and adults will make better decisions in terms of diet and exercise. (This doesn’t mean eating perfect;) However, if you become disciplined to exercise 3 to 4 days each week at a high intensity you will have a stronger and more youthful body! Imagine if you could find a way to extend your life by 10 years–pretty amazing, right?!

(2) Martial arts improves CONFIDENCE! How? By learning and mastering a skill, confidence is developed. Each class you take will help you increase this skill level as well as pump vital endorphins into your bloodstream. The feeling of ‘success’ literally occurs each class you take. The result is positive mental health that ultimately exhibits itself via better confidence!

(3) Martial arts teaches ‘LASER FOCUS.’ We teach our students to focus on 1 task at a time, completion of that task, and then a fast transition to the next task. For kids this means learning to listen to teachers and parents (not just us instructors;) For adults, this means having the ability to effectively and intensely focus on a task, complete the task, and move on the next meaningful task. The result: multiplying your efficiency at work, home, and even at ‘play!’

I’d love to hear your thoughts–feel free to post here or on Facebook!

Mr. Huett