10 Things to do When You’re Snowed in…

It’s January 30th and we are closed due to inclement weather.  However, there are plenty of fun (and productive) things to do!  Here’s a list of activities for the kids if you need to keep them busy:

(1)  Practice your FORMS!  Try practicing slow-mo style, regular speed, and fast.
Extra credit:  try blindfolded….just be careful not to hit something or someone!

(2)  Make a video of your combinations and email it to Mr. Griffey. (mgriffey@kicksunlimited.com)

(3)  Make a video of your favorite form and email it to Mr. Clary.  He loves forms! (sclary@kicksunlimited.com)

(4)  Break Mr. Huett’s pushup record of 63 pushups in a row.

(5)  Draw or paint a picture.

(6)  See how many kicks you can do in 5 minutes.  This sounds easy, but you’ll be tired after 2 minutes!

(7)  Get online and learn a few words in another language.

(8)  Call a friend.

(9)  Build a snowman–this is great snow for doing so!

(10)  Complete the Powerful Words project:  Go the the ‘Members’ section…
the password for this month is ’empathy’ (all lower case).