A Different Approach to Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes are a dime a dozen these days. You can find them at some fitness clubs, many strip malls, and even online, all with coursework designed to get you kicking, punching, and blocking like Chuck Norris. Yet the martial arts are meant to be about so much more than the moves. That’s why they’re called arts and not mere sport. That’s the difference you’ll see at Kicks.

Our karate classes for kids and adults don’t just hone physical strength, agility, coordination, and flexibility. They also help students develop inner skills that improve their everyday lives: on the playground, in the classroom, at home, and, for adults, in the workplace. These life skills transcend the power of a roundhouse kick or the thrill of winning a match. They deal with those tough intangibles that carve a person’s path, things that make us cower or climb, be caring or callous, offend or defend. We believe every person has a champion within, and the martial arts can waken that champion.

True Karate: More than Sport and Self-Defense

Thanks largely to Karate Kid, most people now realize the martial arts aren’t merely about self-defense and confidence. Though Daniel-san needed those karate skills when he came to Mr. Miyagi, the bigger message was clear: There is brute-force karate, and there is true karate, and one is no match for the other. True karate incorporates centuries-old traditions that teach self-respect, self-control, self-discipline, mental sharpness, focus, and emotional wellbeing. These aren’t add-ons. They are the core of the martial arts.

From a karate teacher, you can learn to “sweep the leg.” From a karate sensei, children and adults alike can learn to harness their own energy, master their own attitudes, and achieve goals far beyond the dojo, or classroom. That’s the philosophy we embrace at Kicks, and the reason we’re the most popular martial arts school in southern Wisconsin. Yes, our martial arts classes can give you or your child tournament-winning moves. But you’ll also get so much more.

A Place People Like to Be

We offer highly flexible scheduling in a focused, fun, and rewarding environment, one that is highly conducive to learning and goal-reaching. The wanderer, the daydreamer, the shy kid, the bubbly kid—all are welcome here and can benefit from karate. Only the most qualified martial arts teachers staff our schools, modeling the moves, attitudes, and energy that make Kicks Unlimited a place people love to be. Come discover the true benefits of martial arts classes–self-esteem, self-discipline, and increased confidence!